Monday, April 13, 2009

Breaking New Ground

Well this is the new bit of ground that I will be growing on this year.Looks a bit rough.It had being covered by heavy duty black polythene for a few months.This helps to kill off weeds and it also helps to keep the ground that bit drier.Before putting down the polythene I covered the ground with rotted manure.This helps fertilise the ground and it also increases the worm population.

Looks alot better.Was very lucky with the weather and managed to get a dry day.

I even managed to get some carrots planted.Started off with early nantes.You will notice bottles thrown around here and there.They are plastic bottles and are half filled with water.The idea is to discourage cats and dogs from digging.The theory is that the light reflecting from the water some how discourages them.Tried it last year and it worked.Doesn't stop them from coming in on the ground, but did not find any freshly dug holes.

I also got a few seed beds ready for brassicas.

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