Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Work this week.

Before we get the rotavator in decided to do a quick scan for some stones, on ground that was grown on last year.Its amazing how they just seem to keep coming back, year after year.Well I guess I will just add them to the pile.

Next was to hunt out them perennial weeds.Now is a good time to get them when they are young.I could just do it the easy way and get weed killer but I want organic food free from chemical sprays.One of the ways to do this is to pluck them out one by one.There are more efficient ways but more about that later.The dock leaf is the most infamous of all weeds.

Its important to get the whole root.If any of the root is left behind than fresh growth will occur.Once the whole root is removed that dock is finished for ever.If mr rotavator chops up that dock leaf root into 10 pieces than that dock leaf over time becomes 10.Oh I forgot to mention that another way that the dock reproduces is through shedding its seed.More info here on the dock

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